Over the next few weeks I will be playing lots of netball. I usually play WA/WD in netball. On Friday, 24th of August, the school SAPSASA netball  team are up to our fourth match. It is the semi-finals and if we win this match we will go into the GRAND FINAL! I also have the netball competition at Ironbank Netball Club. We have the semi-finals on Saturday, 25th of August and if my team wins we will go forwards to the GRAND FINAL! I feel nervous but excited at the same time and I can’t wait to play!

Junior Masterchef Challenge

Last Friday, the 3rd of August, room 13 did a junior masterchef  challenge. We were divided into groups of 4. Each group had to cook one dish from the following; a entree, a dessert or a drink. On Friday we had to cook one of our dishes, my group made sushi. We had 1 and 1/2 hours to cook our dish, my group finished just in time! When all of the dishes were cooked it was time for the judges to taste them. The judges were some of the classes parents and I’m pretty sure they all enjoyed the food. The next junior masterchef challenge will be in a few weeks time and I can’t wait to do it!

Our dish: Sushi

We put vegetables, tuna, teriyaki chicken and rice in our sushi. We put the rice in a rice cooker and once it was cooked we put it on the seaweed sheets. Then we added vegetables, tuna or teriyaki chicken. When all of the ingredients were in the sushi we rolled it up and cut it into small pieces.

London 2012 Olympic Games

This year the Olympic Games are being held in London. The will be many different countries competing for gold. There will also be many events; track events, water events and much more. I’m looking forwards to watching the Olympic events on the television. My favourite event in the Olympics would probably be the running. Do you have a favourite event?



Hi everyone.
Last week the year 6 and 7 students had aquatics. On Wednesday and Thursday we went down to Port Norlunger beach. We chose to do 3 activities out of  canoeing, snorkling, surfing, boogie boarding, sailboarding and waveskiing.
I did waveskiing, boogie boarding and surfing. On the first day it was cold, wet and windy so some of the activities were cancelled. The next day was a much better day; it was sunny and was a lot warmer than the day before.
I had a great time at aquatics and its a pity I won’t be at this school to do it again next year.

I’m a year 7!

I don’t believe it but I’m finally in year seven. I am really excited because we get year seven t-shirts and jumpers and we get to do lots of exciting things. I’m really looking forwards to the rest of the year and I’m sure it will be fantastic!


Its the last week of school and then its the HOLIDAYS! I’m really excited because we have six weeks off school. My family is busy getting ready for Christmas. We are spending Christmas Day up at my cousins house.I’m sure I will do lots of fun things in the holidays; seeing my friends and going to the movies. What do you do for Christmas or the holidays?

I.B challenge

The past few weeks all of the year 6/7 students have been working on their I.B challenge project.As part of the challenge we have to design a  project e.g. making a model or planning an event. Then we have to write up a journal explaing we you chose to make the model, the steps we followed, what we learned etc. This year for my I challenge project I have decided to make a lamp. The colours I chose to paint on it were orange-yellow, fluorescent orange and reddish-pink. I have chosen to make the lamp square shaped. I am hoping that my project will turn out to be a success.

Banana tree poem

Here is a poem I made up about bananas:

Deep in the dark, dangerous jungle the bananas hang in a big bunch in the early summer light

They are not ripe yet but soon they will be as yellow as the big bright sun

The banana trees tower above everything and the ground below is quiet and cool, shaded by the trees enormous leaves

As the day goes by the bananas still hang there in a big bunch getting riper and riper in the scorching hot sun

Soon night comes and the bananas just hang there in the light of the moon

The morning light comes over the horizon

A new day has just begun